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Our Expertise

The world of technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate within the publishing industry. At times, it can be overwhelming sifting through the hype and narrowing your focus. In some cases, you may already have the foundation, but need to augment what you have. In addition to business process expertise, LibroTech Senior Consultants understand both legacy and new technologies, in a way that can help you take advantage of the latest innovations without jeopardizing the stability provided by your current applications. We can help you from the early stages of research all the way to implementation, and everything in between.

Realize the untapped potential in your current software. LibroTech Senior Consultants strive to help you optimize your existing applications to match and enhance your business processes. Our team of consultants can provide guidance in best practices for your industry and software. LibroTech consultants have extensive experience in following process and applications areas:



Process & Application Optimization


In many cases, you may already have the technological foundation and just need enhancements. LibroTech is highly skilled in both the functional and technical aspects of creating new applications, from the conception to design, to programming, to the final deployment and post-live support.

Design, Development & Deployment 


  • Order Processing and Billing

  • Returns Management

  • Forms design

  • Accounts Payable

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Claim Control & Tele-collections

  • EDI/Collaboration

  • e-Commerce

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Warehouse and Inventory Management

  • Advanced warehousing through RF

  • Print on Demand

  • Digital Delivery

  • Print on Demand

  • Demand Planning

  • Purchase Management

  • Shipping Accounting

  • 3rd Party Logistics

  • Shipping Rates and Carrier Management


  • Editorial and Book Production

  • Royalties, Rights and Permissions

  • Subscriptions

  • Academic Adoptions



  • Sales Tax

  • Credit Card Processing (PCI Compliance)

  • Digital Document Storage

Integration & Collaboration


The demands for integration and collaboration have never been greater, whether you are responding to the demands of your trading partners, or seeking to integrate internal systems with each other or outside sources. LibroTech consultants can help you define a range of potential integration points, help you assess the economic benefits, and ultimately design, develop and deploy a streamlined solution.

Research, Evaluation & Selection

At times, your existing applications may lack functionality to meet your demands. LibroTech has experience with a wide range of stable products, without a bias towards any specific one. The LibroTech team can define your requirements, research your options, and participate in the final selection process, whether it be a foundational technology, an add-on module or a full replacement of your ERP system.

Project Management

Whether you’re implementing a new module, upgrade, a new technology or an entire ERP application, the LibroTech team can help you streamline your implementation. LibroTech can also provide support services following the implementation.

Implementation & Support


The success of any project is strong management. LibroTech Project Managers can ensure the strong oversight with a keen eye on financial control. Ensuring that all parties involved step up to the plate when required.

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